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Installing Geomembranes

Geomembrane Installation Manual

  1. The seam number takes the identity of the panels on each side. The seam between panels becomes seam 1/2.

  2. All works is performed on clean surface and done in a professional manner. No seaming will be performed in adverse weather conditions.

  3. For seam preparation, The welding technician shall verify that:

    • Prior to seaming, The seaming area is free of moisture, dust, dirt, sand or debris of any nature.

    • The seam is overlapped properly for fusion welding.

    • The seam is overlapped or extended beyond damaged areas at least 4.0 in when extrusion welding.

    • The seam is properly heat tacked and abraded prior to extrusion welding.

    • Seams are welded with fewest number air temperatures or adverse weather condition that would jeopardize the integrity of the liner installation.

Wedge Welding Machines

Wedge Welding Machines

Wedge Welding Machines